Our Investment Philosophy

Our core investment philosophy has been in place since 1988 and has remained unchanged since then. It is founded on the principle of good stewardship, by which we mean careful, considered and responsible management of our clients’ funds.

Investors for the long term

When we make an investment, we regard ourselves as buying a share, on behalf of our clients, of a real business for the long term. Our aim is to hold on to companies for at least five years, but generally we’ll stay invested for as long as we can.

In choosing companies, we worry as much about the possibility that the value of the investment will go down as we do about the potential gains – to us, the preservation of our clients’ capital is paramount. 

Our hippocratic oath

We believe our job is to invest our clients’ money in good-quality companies with sound growth prospects and strong management teams, ensuring we pay sensible prices for these investments.

We also believe we have a responsibility to manage our clients’ funds for the mutual benefit of everyone who has a relationship with these companies, including the wider communities in which they operate.

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